How Technology has Influenced the Music Industry – Part II

After the overwhelming response to our article on how technology has influenced the music industry, we have decided to release a sequel article. The article will focus on other technological innovations that have changed the landscape of music on the whole.

  1. Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune gets a lot of stick from the audience that expects singers to be flawless and deliver top quality content all the time. But nobody is perfect, and a subtle addition of Auto-Tune can make a world of difference. There will be some off-key moments when people sing; it might be with the pitch for example. Auto-Tune should be looked at as an iron-box that takes away the wrinkles and gives a crisp impression to the track. The issue with Auto-Tune arises when some singers and music producers overuse the feature to give an entirely new layer to the song. The layer sounds artificial and too flawless for anybody’s liking. Singers like Kanye West who overuse the feature tend to face a lot of heat because fans feel that the artist doesn’t deserve credit for something that was entirely done by technology.

  1. Digital Software

Before to get a lucky break in the music industry, you would have to know someone who knows someone who happens to be the third-cousin of the assistant to a semi-famous music producer. But these days, all you need to produce music is to utilise the wonderful software that are available for free. Most older musicians feel that the younger generation have it much easier due to the development and inclusion of digital software in the music industry. Right now, you can basically compose and upload quality music content on to the web at the comfort of your bedroom. There are a number of artists who have made careers by managing to get noticed by their efforts using digital software to its advantage.

  1. Loop Pedals

If loop pedals didn’t become a thing, we may not have witnessed the sheer potential of someone like Ed Sheeran. Before loop pedals, it would require a band to have all its members to play a complete song. But now an artist can solo a song with the help of a loop pedal by their side. The loop pedal includes beats and other instrumentals at the press of a button. We believe that the loop pedals are among the biggest technological innovations to have influenced the music industry on the whole.


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